Best Live Dealer Roulette Casinos in Australia

If you want to try your luck at real roulette, you can just join a live stream; you don't even have to leave your home. There are dozens of live dealer roulette casino sites that give you a chance to interact with other players against a real croupier. But which ones are the best, and what should you pay attention to for a better experience? Here's where you can find the lowdown on all these questions.

Best Australian Live Dealer Roulette Online Casinos


Release date
Max Bet
Min Bet
Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette Live
Play for real money

at Casombie Casino

Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette Live


Age of the Gods Roulette Live
Play for real money

at Casombie Casino

Age of the Gods Roulette Live


Arabic Roulette
Play for real money

at BetOnRed Casino

Arabic Roulette


Auto Roulette
Play for real money

at BetOnRed Casino

Auto Roulette


Auto Roulette LIVE Authentic
Play for real money

at Goodman Casino

Auto Roulette LIVE Authentic


Auto Roulette Live 30 Seconds
Play for real money

at Goodman Casino

Auto Roulette Live 30 Seconds


Table of Content
How We Choose the Best Live Roulette Casino

How We Choose the Best Live Roulette Casino

How We Choose the Best Live Roulette Casino

Each week we evaluate numerous casino sites according to the following criteria to select the best live online casinos for playing roulette.

1. Game Studios

Game Studios

We examine the studios that offer the games of live dealer roulette sites and prefer online casinos that work with reputable software providers such as Evolution, Ezugi, VIVO, Lucky Streak, and Pragmatic Play.

2. Mobile Gameplay

Mobile Gameplay

We test the live dealer game collections of casinos on iOS and Android devices and play on both smartphones and tablets. We make sure you get a problem-free experience on mobile.

3. Payments & Cashouts

Payments & Cashouts

We deposit, withdraw our winnings, and see how quickly and smoothly all these transactions are completed.

4. Security Features

Security Features

We only evaluate licensed and legal casinos and prefer SSL-encrypted sites where you will not have any problems in terms of security and privacy.

5. Help & Support

Help & Support

We make sure that customer service is professional and resolves any issues as quickly as possible.

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How Live Roulette Games Work?

The following information will shed light on how these games works:

  • The developer offering the games hires a live broadcast studio, places game tables inside, and also hires croupiers.
  • Live dealer roulette tables are surrounded by webcams; each shows the table from a different angle.
  • The croupier starts a live broadcast (stream) using these cameras. It is possible to join this stream from anywhere in the world via the relevant page of the online casino.
  • Once you have joined the stream, you can play like any other roulette game. The rules and chances of winning will not change. The only difference is that you can interact with the dealer and other players.

Live Roulette Variations

It is possible to find different games in live roulette casinos, and they may differ slightly from each other in terms of bet types, winning chances, and even gameplay. While there are numerous options, such as mini live and multi wheel roulette, the following variants are more common than others. We recommend focusing on them if you are just getting started.

European Roulette Live

This is the variant you will most often see in an online casino. Also known as “single-zero”, it has 37 numbers on the wheel (single 0, all numbers between 1-36). Most live dealer roulette variants are based on the European version. The RTP rate is 97.30%, and the betting options are standard.

French Roulette Live

French roulette looks no different from the European version. However, it has special bet types called “racetrack” and has two different rulesets, “en prison” or “la partage”. These special rules give the player half their wager back or allow them to use it on the next spin if low/high, red/black, and odd/even bets are lost. Therefore, the RTP rate is much higher (98.65%).

American Roulette Live

The American roulette wheel has two 0 pockets (0 and 00). For the same reason, it has a total of 38 numbers and a lower RTP rate (94.74%). It also has a special type of bet called “basket” – you won't find this bet in other variants. It is not different in terms of general gameplay, but it is not as popular as other variants due to its low RTP.

Live Speed Roulette

Speed roulette is mostly based on the European version, and its most important feature is that it does not have a croupier, even though it is a live broadcast. The wheel spins automatically and stops briefly only when a new round starts. For the same reason, it offers much faster gameplay. This variant can complete 50–60 games per hour, and you can still chat with other players.

Live Casino Lightning Roulette

Developed by Evolution Gaming, this game is a European roulette variant that is quite popular at the highest payout online casinos. Before each spin, up to 5 random numbers are chosen, and each of them is assigned a multiplier value ranging from 50x to 500x. If you place a straight bet on the selected number and win, that multiplier value will be used to determine the payout. In this regard, it is possible to win up to 500 times your bet (499:1).

How to Play Live Roulette Like a Pro?

If you want to play live dealer roulette like a professional gambler, check out these tips:

  • RTP Rates Still Matter: Games with high RTP will allow you to recover more of your investment in the long run, and this also applies to live dealer roulette. European and French variants always offer the highest RTP odds if you are playing the standard versions. If you're trying exotic variants that pay with multipliers, check the RTP on the paytable and make sure it's at least not less than the European version (97.30%).
  • Multiplier Games May Not Be That Good: Roulette games that pay with multipliers offer a higher win potential, but this payout can only be won by straight bets, and the numbers randomly chosen by the game should match your bet. Otherwise, even if you win the straight bet, your payout will be lower (for example, 29:1 instead of 35:1).
  • You Can Watch a Game You Don't Know: Playing live dealer roulette requires real money. There are no demo versions of these games that you can use to learn the rules or test strategies. However, you can still watch the game without placing a bet. This way, you can get an idea of how the exotic variants with different rules are played without risking your money.
  • You Can Use the Same Strategies: Live dealer games do not differ from the RNG versions in terms of rules, bet types, and chances to win. This means that a strategy you use in the RNG version of roulette can also be applied to live dealer variants.

How Live-Action Roulette Games Compare to RNG Games?

When it comes to playing roulette online, players often have two options: live roulette and RNG games. While both offer the thrill of roulette from wherever you are, there are some key differences between the two that we have gathered in the table below.

Roulette Games Live RNG Roulette Games
The croupier spins the wheel. You spin the wheel yourself.
The croupier sets the pace. You set the game pace.
You can play only for real money. You can play for fun.
High maximum bet limits. Low maximum bet limits.
Lots of multiplier payouts. Multiplier payouts are rare.

Types of Bets in Live Online Roulette

Playing the game in question gamblers have various betting options to choose from, each offering different odds and potential payouts. We gathered the most common ones in the table.

Bet Name – Payout Explanation
Straight – 35:1 Betting on a single number.
Split – 17:1 Betting on two numbers.
Street – 11:1 A bet that covers three numbers.
Square – 8:1 A bet with four numbers.
Basket – 6:1 (*) A five-number bet (0, 00, 1, 2, 3).
Line – 5:1 A bet that covers 6 numbers on a line.
Dozen/Column – 2:1 A bet with a total of 12 numbers.
Low/High – 1:1 Betting on the first 18 (1-18) or the last 18 (19-36) numbers.
Odd/Even – 1:1 Betting that the result will be an even or odd number (18 numbers total).
Red/Black – 1:1 Betting that the result will be a red or black number (18 numbers total).

(*) Available only in American Roulette

Tips for Choosing Your Live Roulette Game

If you want to find the best live roulette table online game for yourself among many options, you should be able to analyse it correctly. To do this, consider the criteria listed further.

Bet and Table Limits

Playing at live roulette online casino, you should understand that bet and table limits are different things. The table limit indicates what will be the lowest and highest wager amounts in that game. Bet limits are the min/max values applicable to a particular bet. For example, the minimum table limit may be A$0.10, but a straight bet may require a A$0.50 wager. Take this distinction into account when choosing a game that fits your budget.

Regular Roulette vs Multiplier Roulette

Some live dealer roulette games pay out with multipliers, which can be as high as 1,000x. In some games, however, the paytable is standard and does not include multipliers. Multiplier roulette may sound more appealing, but in these games, straight bets usually pay less, and they have a lower RTP. In other words, the return on your investment will be less in the long run.

Auto Spin or Real Croupier

The distinguishing feature of live games is that there is a real dealer or host on screen, but this is not mandatory. Some games are still live-streamed, but you won't see a “human”; there is only a roulette wheel that spins automatically. These types of games always have faster gameplay. So, you have to choose between interaction with the dealer and quick gameplay.

Social Features & Interaction Opportunities

When it comes to interacting with the dealer and other players, some roulette games offer more options than others. These games focus on social features – you can tip the dealer, use emojis in the chat, etc. In some games, social features are more limited and do not go beyond text-based messages. You have to decide which one would be the better option based on your own expectations.

Live Roulette Mobile Gameplay

You can use any device to play live dealer roulette online. They are HTML5-based like other games in online casinos, meaning you can play them directly on web browsers without the need for a download or an app. You can use any smartphone or tablet. The operating systems or models do not matter. Playing live dealer roulette on any device with a web browser will be a hassle-free experience.

In addition, it is possible to find native mobile applications on some online casino sites. These are not developed for live dealer games only; they support all games in that casino. However, this is only an option and not a necessity; a web browser is all you need to play any type of casino game.

Launched 30.Sep.2022
  • 4.9
  • 4.9
  • 4.9
  • 4.8
20 Free Spins on Penny Fruits Xtreme
20 Free Spins on Penny Fruits Xtreme


Min Dep €0

  • Launched 30.Sep.2022
  • Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ethereum, Interac, Litecoin, MasterCard, MiFinity, Neteller, Paysafe, VISA
  • Software NetEnt, Microgaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Evolution, Pragmatic Play
  • Licenсes Curaçao
Launched 30.Dec.2019
  • 3.9
  • 4.4
  • 4.6
  • 4.2
AU$1200 + 75 Free Spins
AU$1200 + 75 Free Spins

Bonus fornew customers,


Min Dep 15 AUD

  • Launched 30.Dec.2019
  • Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, MasterCard, Paysafe, VISA
  • Software NetEnt, Microgaming, Play'n GO, Playtech, BGAMING
  • Licenсes Curaçao
Launched 01.Nov.2021
  • 4.1
  • 4.6
  • 4.3
  • 4.4
Up to AU$4,000 + 150 FS in 3 Bonuses
Up to AU$4,000 + 150 FS in 3 Bonuses

Bonus fornew customers,


Min Dep 10 AUD

  • Launched 01.Nov.2021
  • Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Interac, Klarna, Litecoin, Maestro (by MasterCard), MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe, Skrill, VISA
  • Software NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft
  • Licenсes Curaçao

It’s a High Time Playing Live Dealer Roulette

Now that you know all the necessary information on getting started with real-time roulette games online, it's time to put your knowledge into action and choose the casino site to start. Rest assured that all the websites listed on this page have undergone thorough testing to ensure top-notch customer service, secure payment options, diverse game selection, reliable software, and proper licensing.

Live roulette online real money is currently one of the most popular and rapidly expanding games within the gaming industry. Leading online casinos have taken it up a notch by featuring intelligent and entertaining dealers at their virtual tables, resulting in an incredibly enjoyable gambling pastime. Moreover, many casinos offer fantastic promotions for playing this game, so make sure to make the most of the exclusive deals prepared for you.

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Best Live Dealer Roulette Casinos in Australia


What is the concept of live dealer roulette?

It is a real-time version of roulette played against a real dealer. You can join a live broadcast and play with other players at the same time.

How to win live online roulette?

Playing live-action roulette is no different from RNG roulette in terms of rules and chances of winning. You choose a bet, place a wager, and wait for the ball to stop. If it lands in your chosen pocket, you win.

Is it possible to engage in live-streamed roulette for free?

No, like all other live casino games, you cannot play live roulette in demo mode (for free) due to costs. You can only play for real cash.

Is it possible to play live roulette online using a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, live dealer games can also be played on any device with a web browser as they also use HTML5 and are essentially a live stream. You can play on mobile or tablet.

Does live dealer roulette involve playing in real time?

Yes, everything you see on the screen in a live casino game happens in real time, and this also applies to the live version of roulette. You watch a live broadcast, so everything happens in that instant.

Is a fast internet connection necessary to play live dealer roulette?

No. Live online casino sites can automatically adjust the stream quality according to your internet speed. If the speed is not good, the resolution will be 720p or 480p. It is possible to go up to 4K resolution on good connections.

Is the live roulette wheel manipulated in any way?

No, like any other game in a licensed and legal online casino, online live roulette online is not rigged. The studios that offer these games have many certifications for fairness.